Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quick Update

As it turns out, not having your own computer really dampens the ability to get blogging done. Not to mention, I don't want to put pictures on other computers. Is that a weird quirk? Probably.

Anyway, I do have big big news to share (but not until it is for sure.) Until then, I have lots of little news to share. And, no, we're NOT pregnant.

We got the flooring done in our house. It looks amazing. We seriously have less than 5 things on our house to do list. And they will be done this month. And I will be done, done, done.

I am starting real estate school in a week.

My Usborne Books & More business has taken off like a rocket. I feel like I'm just loafing around like a slacker, calling people and going 'so, uh, wanna have a homeshow for me' just to get an overwhelmingly positive response. That's awesome.

We have gotten the majority of our vegetables we've been eating lately from the garden - and all the tomatoes. I've given away tomatoes to friends and neighbors. I love my little garden!

My FIL came to visit for a couple days and it was a great visit! We got to show him a few of our favorite places and he spent tons of time with Isaac, which was nice. Isaac keeps saying he wants to get on a plane and go visit him. I love how 3 year olds don't understand money.

"Can we ride on an airplane and go see Ganpa?"
"Maybe later this year, sweetie."
"Umm. Can we ride on an airplane this day?"
"No, we won't do that again for awhile."
"Den can we get ice cream this day?"

There is nothing wrong with his negotiation skills.

And, because I need to remember it, on Saturday he said the funniest thing. I asked him if pizza was his favorite food, and he said "I like the heck out of pizza."

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