Sunday, May 27, 2012


It was one of THOSE days... when I've had to remind myself that he is just shy of three, and broken computers can be replaced... eventually. One of those days filled with rushing about to the grocery, the other grocery, home to lunch and then the realisation that we were one box short of our flooring that we were getting installed - the next day.

A day of too much time in front of the television, when I had to look into my son's eyes and explain we had to go on a car ride to the flooring store - an hour away - and hope he would nap there and back since he was absolutely wild.

A day of remembering, while picking up the one box we needed, with my alert and wild eyed toddler holding my hand, that I had not packed backup underwear for him and finding a bathroom needed to be next on our to do list.

I promised him a mommy and me date, right then, at Starbucks and he could get anything he wanted.

And the second we got back in the car, he slept.

I drove home. And pulled into the garage. Turned off the engine. And from the backseat:
"I want to go to Tarbucks!! I want to go to Tarbucks wit you, Mama. I want a... COFFEE!"

After a bathroom break and wiped away tears, the car went on and we drove to the nearest coffee shop.

We sat down with a latte and nut bar for me and a double chocolate something frappuccino and cake pop for him.

Isaac is looking at the buildings around us and asks "what is dat?" pointing next door.

"That's a restaurant." I reply,

"What's dat?"

"That's a clothing store."

"What's dat?"

"That's a grocery store."

He turns the other direction, toward the road, and in the distance, past the intersection, a highway, another intersection, and a sea of parked cars, is the largest building in sight. Quite possibly the largest building in town.

"What's dat?"

"Well, that's the hospital you were born in."

"I was born dare?"

"Yep. You were born there."

He finished his cake pop. We sat in silence for a minute. He actually was still.

"Hey, mama. Guess what?"


"See dat building over dare?"


"I was born dare."

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