Friday, February 26, 2010

New Foods

While on vacation, it's important to try new foods.

Isaac tried a couple. He hit the 8 month mark which means dairy and egg and meats.

But celery works too.

I tried the Shake Pit.

OMG the Shake Pit.

That is a small hot fudge sundae. I gained 7 pounds over vacation. I am so thankful that the Shake Pit is not a chain. And that I live many hundres of miles away. Because the Shake Pit is everything fantastic about burgers and shakes.

We went to the Oyster Bar while in Florida, too. We had some delicious fish and such. We were sat right by the kitchen and Isaac kept turning to look at the kitchen wall whenever there was a noise. The wall was cement to neck height and then glass. After we ate I held Isaac up so he could see over the wall and he got so excited. He thought that all those people making food was amazing. Florida Grandma held him up for a little longer so he could see what was happening. Watching people make food is awesome.


  1. umm, I hope there isn't a Shake Pit near where I am going in Florida...because I may just have to visit it every day!

  2. Cute little guy! Those sundaes look delicious and its so much snow outside I shouldn't even be thinking about ice cream.
    It's like your teasing me. Florida, nice weather, ice-cream just stop it! I can't take anymore

  3. Vacation is bad about making you gain... but at least it was worth it :)
    Yay for celery! :)

  4. I ate at a shake pit years ago down there and it was the most fantastic thing ever. If there was one near me I'd be 500 pounds for sure.

  5. Oh dear. That picture of ice cream made me want to take an emergency to dairy queen (as close as I can get to your shake pit).

  6. Ooohhh that place looks fantastic. I need a cheeseburger and ice cream now..

    And what a cute little guy! He is really a beautiful baby!