Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lessons I've learned as a New Mother

1. Everything I own is baby-ized. There is not a piece of clothing I've worn that hasn't gotten breastmilk, formula, poo, or spit up on it. Including my flip flops and socks.

2. A shower everyday is necessary. Not just because of the healing c section... but because it's the only way to get breast milk out of your hair. And keep your sanity.

3. Newborns don't sleep nearly as much as people tell you they do.

4. You can actually have a 20 minute conversation about gas and find it interesting.

5. Not just babies hate the car seat. Moms can, too.

I took a nap this morning. And this afternoon. And I'm still tired. I will say that sleep is a higher priority then it used to be. I still do some non baby related things... like reading my email, but for right now it's very much all baby all the time. I know I'll have more free time once we get settled. No worries.

Things that I can do that are exciting:

Touch my toes without bending my knees.
Hop out of bed.
Lay on my stomach.
Clean the bottom of the bathtub. (Okay, not that exciting, but still.)
Fit into my prepregnancy clothes! I wouldn't wear them in public yet or anything - but they fit!

Isaac had his 2 week check up yesterday. He's in the 50th percentile for head circumference and weight and 25th for height... but I think they didn't get an accurate measure on his height because I know he's grown more than 3/4th an inch since he was born.

He's also awake even more, and he's calmed down on the feeding frenzy (thankfully). He stopped his boycott of formula after the one day but we're getting closer and closer to not giving him any at all. Yay.

In non baby related news, I'm getting ready to gear back up with my Mary Kay business. Mic and Cody got here safely and found a place. Paul's cuz should be here mid July.


  1. That's awesome that your already fitting into pre pregnancy clothing!

  2. I definitely agree with you on all of the above...especially that lie that newborns sleep all the time. Mine must have missed that memo.