Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's a Big Deal

It's Wednesday. I know you know this, but it's just now sinking in. It's Wednesday, and I've done very little. The third load of laundry I dried Monday is still in the dryer. The chicken I was going to make into chicken salad is still a chicken in the fridge. The stack of Mary Kay paperwork I need to file is still a stack.

And I'm really tired.

I had my 38 week check up today. I will share but you'll have to excuse my language.

3 cm dilated and half effaced. And a wee bit the doctor shared with me?
"Oh, this is not going to be a small baby."
Me: "What?"
Him: "Nope." (all cheerful and stuff. That is so wrong.)
Me: "How big is he about now?"
Him: "I'd guess around 7 pounds, 14 ounces or so."
Me: (in head, quoting a doctor my mom works with - with accent) What is dis fuhcking sheeet? (outloud) "Fan- freaking- tastic. I was a tiny baby, my husband was a small baby. Of course our baby would be nearly our combined birth weights."
Him: cheerful smile.

Great. I actually abandoned my paperwork in the room, walked out forgetting to make a follow up appointment, and called Paul. His response? "I am so sorry. Wow. That's, like, big. And you're going to have to give birth to him!" Thank you, Paul, thank you for stating the obvious.

At least we know why I'm tired. I'm hauling around an eight pound fetus. Geez.

After that I went to Hobby Lobby, where they were having a sale on everything I ever want to buy, and I spent 20 bucks and got 5 scrapbook albums. Yep. That is some awesome saleness. I then went to Target where their photo machine was being mean and after checking 4 times if my photos were done I asked if they'd let me thunk the machine and swore it would make it work properly because I'm a fantastic thunker. The guy gracefully declined my invitation and I told him to go to lunch - I'd come back in the late afternoon for my photos. So I gotta go back out. Now I'm sitting on my sofa, and I'm tired, and I still have a list of stuff to do today. I need to finish the laundry... preferably before I have another load to do, make chicken salad, figure out what we're doing for dinner, make dinner, clean the bathroom, pick up my photos, and take a nap. The Mary Kay paperwork can wait another day. As can packing my hospital bag... which I need to do at some point.

Maybe I should do some of those things that are claimed to make you go into labor. I was very calm and cool about possibly going over my due date until I learned about gigantobaby.


  1. But soon you're going to have a baby!!! :D

    Can you tell I'm quite excited for you both.

  2. They said mine was going to be a small baby, they estimated him at about 6 1/2 lbs and I went into labor the next day and he was 8.1. I asked about dash-2 as I got closer to my due date and the dr said they really shouldnt estimate size towards the end b/c the baby fat and what not can be deceiving. This isnt meant to sound know it all but yet to reassure you that you could still luck out and have reasonable size kiddo.

    I was 9.1 hubs was 9.10 and -1 was 8.1 and -2 was 7.13 so perhaps youll luck out!

  3. Haha, I always love the things your husband says to you when you say things like today.

    PS: I loooooooove Hobby Lobby! I go there AT least once a week!

  4. That kind of information is always overwhelming! But don't panic! Hopefully this will make you feel a little my 38 week midwife said she was already 7.5 lbs. Right before we started pushing, the midwife said over 8.5 lbs. She came out 7lb15oz and her size ended up being no issue! And no matter what, you can do it!