Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Blog

Hi There.

You know I love change.

Well... I am changing where I blog.

Adventures in downsizing and living in and itsy bitsy apartment for 4 months with two adults, two kids, two cats and ONE bathroom deserve their own 'net space.

So I'll be at WHYDOWEBUYTOYS for awhile.

Humor me. I don't know what I'm doing.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

9 glasses

Isaac walks up to me and says "Did you know we have 9 glasses?"

And I respond "We have 5."

"No. Nine. 5 big ones. 2 medium ones. 2 small ones."

I realize he's counting the 'whiskey' glasses, and two small glasses that also came with some liquor many years ago that are frosted and have a Pegasus on them. They're cool. I start to tell him that, but then.. I stop. I okay milk in a pilsner glass instead.

Last week, I broke a glass. We were down to a matched set of 6, and while moving Isaac's new bed up the stairs, I hit the water glass on the table and it shattered onto the dining room floor, with pieces going as far as 6 feet away.

We'd talked about only having 5 glasses now in front of Isaac.

And, just now, he reminded me that we don't have just 5 glasses. We have 9.

And that's not counting other fancy glassware.

Two beer mugs. Two pilsners. More than a dozen various wine style glasses.

Do you think anyone we would have over would care if they had water in a wine glass?

Probably not.

Just like that, a minor worry I had (Should we buy more glasses? Should be just have 5?) is gone. My kid is so smart.

Friday, July 18, 2014


So this is a thing. It seems to be, at least.

This is so clever. Really amazing.


Toddlers that are being carried cannot get into things.

Now, there are other reasons that I use this carrier - it's called "Girasol Earthy Rainbow Mysol Mei Tai."

Isn't that a mouthful? There are acronyms for these carriers, too. Thankfully, being a military family has gotten me used to them. It's a Gira WCMT. BOOM.

She's so comfortable in this carrier. She will sit on the floor and wrap it around her to play, sometimes. She stays very still while I'm putting her in it, and enjoys looking at everything. I carry her on my back often while shopping, cooking, and whatnot.

She has napped in this before, too. And nursed. While I can still do things.

A couple weeks ago my boys went to the planetarium. Vivian and I went shopping. Because Vivian loves shoes.

And then I put her in the carrier, and nursed, which walking around Target with a coffee (that would be also known as SAHM vacation).

So. Go look at the ones at Target (don't forget your coffee... or tea.;-)) and take back your "vacation," and your apologies for broken vases, and your dinner prep time.

Because baby wearing is awesome.