Monday, March 31, 2014

March Photo Dump

I just didn't reach for the camera as much as I would have liked this month. 

Also, time is going by so, so fast. I feel like I blinked and the month was gone. Thankfully, I have some photos to let me know it wasn't really gone in a second.

We've been on a Bernstein Bears kick lately. Isaac requested Blueberry and Honey French Toast after reading about it in Bernstein Bears and Mama's Day Surprise (seriously, I would be so surprised if I came downstairs and the kitchen was sparkling clean, keep the breakfast.)

We can see the future with Vivian. And it is a hot mess. This area was clean. I went to the bathroom. I came back, and it looked like this. She can make a mess in seconds that is amazing in it's breadth and scope.

The day Isaac was playing outside and didn't want to come in for a snack. That day.

Our bird house/doll house is pulling duty as a paper factory... this is right after a delivery of wooden blocks to be made into paper.

I had about 15 photos of him making crazy silly faces. And this one, with a face so sweet and angelic that it's hard to believe the silly faces were second before this.

Yeah, we installed that bottom of the stairs gate yesterday... after she made it halfway up the stairs. Vivian is fearless.

Family portrait on our anniversary, March 20th. Eight years!!!

Self feeding. Because she is very independent.

Silly faces. 

I love the silly faces. 

Let's hope I pick up the camera more (and get out of the house more) in April.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hair Update

First, it is far more difficult to take a picture of the back of your head than I expected it to be. 

I haven't done an update about all this medical stuff lately, and felt that I was due one. 
I'm on a new, higher synthetic thyroid dose than before since my T3 is still out of whack. The endocrinologist was surprised I had lost "only 12 pounds" when I went to see her... which is rather funny, since the year I was running and working out so hard and consistently on weight watchers my grand total weight loss was less than that. 
She was also surprised that my hair loss has gotten worse, not better. And I wish that wasn't the case. This hair loss is crazy. There isn't a way to know if I'm going to lose all of it, but I think I probably am. Biotin doesn't seem to be helping with it. 
I took some pictures, but I had drawn on my eyebrows prior to taking them. My right eyebrow has a bit left at each end, but is otherwise gone, and my left one has three big bites taken out of it. 
Most of my eyelashes are gone. I have three hairs left on my left leg, but about half the hair left on my right. 

The tops of my arms are hairless. It's weird, y'all. 

On the plus side, at last I had my rheumatoid arthritis appointment and that doctor felt my joint pain and fatigue was all related to celiac, NOT RA, and should slowly continue to improve as I stick to a gluten free diet. 

I am also going to a dermatologist next month to discuss my hair and get some spots removed from my skin on the advice of another doctor. 

I am exceptionally thankful for health insurance. And to not have arthritis. And looking forward to continuing to improve. 

If you wish to compare to right when I first shaved my head, that blog post can be found here.

Friday, March 7, 2014

We Need to Help Each Other

I was just reading this: So You Would Like to Have Three Children

And it's a rant, really. Which is cool. Sometimes we all need to rant. And now, I'm going to rant too, because it brought up a point that I need to make. Which is this:

We need to help each other.

Regardless of if you have one kid, or two, or 17, I think we all need help from time to time. And usually, when you need it looks like this: Your emotions are raw, and your arms are tired, and your baby, in the mom-whisperer way that they just KNOW, begins fussing, you just want some HELP.

And "you look like your hands are full" just isn't help.

It can make such a difference. Many of our meltdowns happen at the grocery store.

They don't look like meltdowns, because in many ways Vivian is a classy southern lady whose full blown anger tantrums looks more like slight fussing.

But that time when she was near the end of her patience at the store, and we were in a rush, and even though that senior officer in uniform really could have gone through the express lane with his juice first, but let us with our milk and pretzels go first, made a huge difference.

I was overwhelmed, and that really helped.

And then there is the time when things are going pretty well, and I have Vivian in the carrier on my body, and Isaac in the car cart, but I'm exhausted and every joint in my body hurts and I'm feeling like a hairless freak, and three (THREE) baggers watch me painfully put things from the cart to the conveyer one at a time because I get t-rex arms when I use the carrier, and I just want someone to help me unload the cart (as they do, from time to time, as people who solely get paid by tip ought to do.)

And all I want is a little help. Little things. Don't let the door fall on me when I'm behind you, relearning how to be a mom (of two.)

If I'm nursing at the park and my son wants to be pushed on the swing, ask if you can give him a push.

When I have a squirming baby wiggling in angst in my arms, and she throws a toy through the air right beside you, pick it up.

We need to help each other.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Photo Dump February

I'm going to try to make this a thing. Once a month, photo dump from the camera.

Here is February.